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Adult Diaper

In our high quality products we developed, comfort and protection are all equally important, and with special designs we have developed solutions that meet these needs.

Cottony Surface: Soft inner and outer surfaces provide comfort and prevent rash.

High Health Standard: In all stages of the factory environment, adult diapers have been produced in accordance with health, without touching hands and have been dermatologically tested.

Super Absorbency: Thanks to the “Extra Absorbent Zone”, a product of advanced technology, the liquid goes to the bottom layer, without going out. It spreads evenly and gets trapped in the adult diaper. Thus, liquid and skin contact is prevented. Even in movements that apply pressure to the adult diaper, such as walking and sitting, the liquid’s reaching the surface is prevented.


Baby Diaper

Comfortable babies are happy babies, which is why our baby diapers designed to perform to the highest standards.

Super Absorbent Polymers: Absorbs liquid rapidly and locks it into the diaper. It keeps your baby’s skin dry by keeping liquid away.

Leak-proof Barriers: Special developed barriers help to prevent leakage from legs.

Extra Stretch Side Bands: New more elastic side bands provide comfort and freedom of movement.

Anatomical Structure: It’s designed to fit your baby’s body perfectly.

Soft Textile Surface: Since it soft and breathable, it prevents your baby from rash and irritation.

Cottony touch: It has a soft inner surface to make your baby’s sensitive skin comfortable.


Under Pad

You can safely use high-quality disposable underpads. Our products, which have passed dermatological tests successfully, are preferred by our customers in the international markets.

Silky breathable upper surface.

Prevents liquid from passing into the bed with non-slip protective outer surface.

Durable and Flexible surface against tearing.


Wet Wipes

Provides hygiene without harming your baby’s skin by its soft tissue.

It has been dermatological and micro-biologically tested.

Freshens your baby’s skin with its sweet fragrance.

Alcohol-free, Paraben-free and Soap-free.

It is compatible with your baby’s skin by pH 5.5.


Alcohol Swabs

Alcohol swabs are individually wrapped pads made of a cotton-type material and saturated with 70 percent isopropyl alcohol. They are tightly sealed in an aluminum paper packet that keeps them sterile and prevents them from drying out.

Alcohol swabs can be used to clean the skin when soap and water are not available. They can be used to clean small cuts, scrapes and bug bites as well as new blisters.


EVA Gloves

EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Co-polymer) Disposable Gloves

Sensitive natural skin feel Touch for better Investigation by doctors.

Sensitive natural easy to wear instant slip-on no powdering required which eliminates infection.

Non-toxic free of plasticized, non-allergic, medical grade plastic.

Ambidextrous, No danger of cross infection due to imperfect re-sterilization.

No danger of perforated gloves.

No additional cost / investment for sterilization.

Cheaper and economical.

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